This trailer for the film is Je Suis La Roi. A mad party and a new love!

Joe gets dumped, but he still goes to the ultimate party full of freaks and weirdos who live inside his head. He must master them and become king. King of himself!
Here is a wondrous festival in my home town of Indianapolis. Wonderful people of faith saying 'YES' to the world of what's within.


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Proudly announces the production of the feature film Above the Fruited Plains' (Summer 2014)
a family fights to survive as America falls apart

A misguided teenager tries to save his home from foreclosure by moving a huge amount of drugs. When he thinks he’s busted he runs away with his best friend, a girl with a hard life, their only escape is a raft downriver. They explore the sad gothic world of Midwestern decay and try to choose the right path to her farm.

Our new feature film produced on location in the heartless land of meth addled savages and despondent virtues.

Je Suis Le Rois- short film

In 'Je Suis Le Roi (I am the King)' a lost young man joins a party of revelers who play Victorian parlor games while waiting to crown a new king. Joe panics when he discovers there is no way out of the party- he’s caught between a smitten nymph and an enraged meathead.

The party erodes his psyche and he has no way out! He has to save Noola and prove himself worthy of the crown. A playful experimentation with film- layered optical and auditory illusions challenge the viewers and draw them in. Shepard scales and Brain-wave synchronization hypnotize the audience and allow them access to Joe’s inner psyche as he is tweaked and forced to grow.

Our Approach: There are a lot of people making beautiful polished experimental films- but we want to try something a little quirky- maybe even confrontational. The aim of this experiment is to play with the audience. The heartland of Indiana is a great place to be a little fancy and have a lot of fun. We can play here. We can try new things - or regurgitate our blithe reenactments of a cinematic style that once captivated the world. Our story will have a telepathy that is darkened by the nightmare that haunts us. But they play! They play...and fall in Love.


This inaugural event will showcase works by local indie filmmakers and celebrate their accomplishments.

The screenings will be held at the IU cinema and take place over the course of two evenings,
May 1st and 2nd from 9:30-11pm. The event is free but ticketed.
Tickets are available at the IU Auditorium box office or before the screening at the IU Cinema.
Listed below are the linups for the two nights:
May 1st:
Pi Bake (2012, 2:19 minutes)-- Laura Ivins-Hulley
Home Security (2012, 10 minutes)-- Kate Chaplin and Karmic Courage Productions
The Puppets’ Master (2012, 10 minutes)-- Dylan Cashbaugh
Nathan & the Luthier (2011, 53 minutes)-- Jacob Sherry
May 2nd:
Until the Last Time (2007, 10 minutes)-- Trevor L. Charles and G.A. George at Downtime Studios
Public Art (2011, 2:14 minutes)-- David Derkacy
Dark Worlds: Slasher (2012, 20 minutes)-- Chris Jay at Darkrider Studios (based on novel by Zack Daggy)
8 Wheels of Death (2009, 40 minutes)-- Chris Rall