Downtime Proudly Presents: 
Two kids fight to survive as America falls apart

Abe is told to man up as life crumbles and his mom struggles to save their home. His plan to push pills at school quickly goes awry and he is forced to skip town. Abe’s best friend Cammy pleads to join him in search of their childhood dream- a new world downriver on her family’s farm. 

Abe and Cammy’s dreamlike voyage runs aground when new friends betray them, destroy their raft, and take their meager possessions. The pair wander the sad decay of Midwest America until they meet Garrett- a shattered soldier disgraced for his forbidden love and abandoned by his brothers in arms. 

When Abe attempts to capitalize on his recovered merchandise, Garrett makes the ultimate sacrifice to deliver them to the promised land.

Above the Fruited Plain feature film (Winter 2015)
Downtime Proudly Presents:

A mad party and a new love! 


Joe gets dumped but still goes to the ultimate party full of freaks and weirdos inside his head! 
Directed by Geoffrey Aaron George

Joe is at a crossroads in his life but he still goes to the party- the ultimate party full of all the freaks and weirdos who live inside his head.

The grotesque revelers play Victorian parlor games while waiting to crown a new king. Caught between a smitten nymph and an enraged meathead Joe discovers he is trapped and his psyche quickly erodes. He must slay the monster and retrieve the pearl to prove himself worthy of becoming king-- king of himself.

A playful experimentation with film- layered optical and auditory illusion draw the audience into the innermost absurdity of today's hipster.

New Music Video from Mind Parade

A visionary skater gets beat down by the authorities and discovers the true nature of his love.
Directed by Geoffrey Aaron George.